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1851年,首届世界万国工业产品博览会在伦敦水晶宫隆重举行;在这场博览会中英国工业美术运动开始蔓延,展开了一场如火如荼的设计改良运动;为以维多利亚女王为首的皇室贵族们带来了品味高雅的手工艺品。应时而生的品牌创始人William Morris以民间商家的身份参加了这场盛会,这位在改良运动中被誉为“工匠中的艺术家”的制造者,在博览会中激发了灵感,产生了想要生产专门供给皇室贵族陶瓷艺品的构想。不久之后,William Morris的陶瓷工坊正式诞生,并以其独到的艺术天赋融合世代相传的精湛工艺,为皇室贵族们开发了一系列精致、优雅的奢华陶瓷餐具,深受当时维多利亚女王的喜爱,并被钦点为皇室御用的陶瓷餐具供应商,此后其陶瓷工坊更名为“皇家荣耀”并一直传承下来。
In 1851, the first Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations was held in the Crystal Palace of London. It is from this expo that the arts and crafts movement of Britain began spreading. Design melioration movement was fully launched. The nobilities and the royalties, headed by Queen?Victoria, brought in handicrafts with elegant favor. Brand founder William Morris, reputed as the manufacturer of “artist of craftsmen” in the movement, attended the expo as a private merchant and was inspired by the expo. He came up with the idea of?producing ceramic handicraft exclusively for nobilities and the royalties. Not long after, William Morris founded the ceramic workshop, which developed a variety of delicate and elegant deluxe ceramic dishware by combining the unique artistic talent with traditional exquisite workmanship. They were greatly favored by Queen?Victoria who authorized William Morris as the supplier of ceramic dishware for the royal family. Since them, the workshop has changed its name to “Royal Glory”.
之后,偶然的机会创始人William Morris来到香港考察学习,看到香港陶瓷餐具的市场前景,毅然在香港成立分部,并引进其颇具艺术魅力的陶瓷制造精髓。秉承原味的欧式古典、田园与时尚相结合的设计理念,力求为每一位崇尚高雅品味的人们制造出最具欧式色彩的高品质陶瓷佳品。世纪更替,百年演变,今天的皇家荣耀已然成为新成功人士享受皇家级品味生活的陶瓷品牌。
Soon after that, the founder William Morris came to Hongkong to survey and study by chance. When he sensed the market prospect of ceramic dishware in Hongkong, he decided to set up a branch in Hongkong. He introduced the ceramic manufacturing pith with artistic charms and followed the original European classic and garden-style design concept to provide high-quality ceramic masterpieces with profound European features for those who pursue tasting life. After a century development, Royal Glory has become a ceramic brand for the successful people to enjoy royal-style life.

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